A variety of accessories are available to compliment your new cocktail kit, or upgrade your existing kit.
SC-JPM Gibraltar Accessory Mount

The Gibraltar 9611DC is the most adjustable, flexible, and playable pedal for cocktail drum use, and is now standard equipment on every cocktail drum we sell. The main feature that makes this the perfect cocktail pedal is the angle adjustments possible between the pedal board and beater. They can both be adjusted independently, allowing the footboard to be angled higher or lower, without changing the position of the beater. The result is a pedal you can dial in to be comfortable while standing, and easily swapped back around for regular bass drum playing.

$130 each, includes padded Gibraltar bag

SC-JPM Gibraltar Accessory Mount

Dual L-Rod/Ratchet Tom Mount. For tilting up the 10" tom into a more traditional playing angle, drum set style. This bracket fits onto any existing cocktail kit and is infinitely adjustable, for getting the perfect angle out of your tom.

$40 each

SC-JPM Gibraltar Accessory Mount

SC-JPM Gibraltar JAW Percussion Mount

Perfect for adding an additional cowbell, tambourine, or other percussion accessory to your cocktail kit should you need additional space.

Available for $25 when purchased with a cocktail kit

Sabian 10" Mini HiHats

Sabian AA Mini-Hats, 12". A great size for our cocktail kits, light and easy to transport. Crisp sound, easily mounts using the Gibraltar X-Hat attachment included with all kits. Stauffer Percussion cocktail kits are equipped to safely hold 13" and 14" hi-hats in a comfortable playing position, these are offered as an option for drummers looking to pickup the whole package in one place, or two keep a second set of hats with their cocktail kit.


Sabian AA 16" Extra Thin Crash. Lightweight, expressive at the typical lower volumes associated with cocktail kits, great for brush work and light riding.