Anything is possible in the Custom Shop. This is where we turn a great sounding set of Phatties into the work of art that you envision. We’ve crafted custom kits for touring pros, session masters, weekend warriors, and collectors alike. Custom Shop kits ship between 16 and 24 weeks, depending on the complexity of the build and finishing process. All kits start out with the following standard features:

  • VSS Maple 6-Ply Toms
  • VSS Maple 8-Ply Bass Drums
  • Phattie Dual 45 Bearing Edge
  • Solid Brass Machined Tube Lugs
  • 2.3mm Tom Hoops
  • 12-Ply Maple Bass Hoops
  • Gauger Alloy RIMS Mounts
  • Evans G2 Tom Heads
  • Evans EQ3 Bass Drum Heads
Our straight forward pricing makes it easy to configure and price out your dream kit. The prices to the right apply to any depth of drum up to square sizes. Pick your sizes, pick your depths, and add up the custom features you’d like for a quote on a kit that defines you and what your playing is all about. Feel free to contact us to go over any specific questions, quotes, and options you’re interested in.
8″ $420
10″ $470
12″ $490
13″ $500
14″ $600
15″ $650
16″ $680
18″ $740
Bass Drums:
18″ $950
20″ $1000
22″ $1030
24″ $1060
26″ $1080
28″ $1200
Popular Options:
Powder Coating $100/Per Drum
Vintage Nickel Plating $200/Per Drum
Diecast Hoops $100/Per Drum
Yamaha-Style Wood Hoops $135/Per Drum
Claw-Style Wood Hoops $120/Per Drum
High-Gloss Lacquer Finish $125/Per Tom, $200/Per Bass
Horizontal Stripe Inlayed Wrap $20/per stripe
Vertical Stripe Inlayed Wrap $20/per stripe
Custom Printed Glass Glitter Wrap $50/Drum for Custom Graphics
Laser Engraved Wood Badges $25/Drum
Exotic Veneer $150/Drum
Wood Inlay $75/Drum, $75 Per Hoop
Abalone Inlays $100/Drum, $160 Per Pair of Hoops
Anything else you can dream up – call or e-mail for a quote.